We offer both single and double sit on top kayaks which are paddled with a double-bladed paddle. Super steady and great fun, the kayaks are always a popular choice.

As with our other paddle sports, the sit on top kayaks are available for an instructed experience or if you’re competent you can simply hire the boats by the hour to go off and enjoy your own adventure.  If you opt for going it alone, we have watertight barrels available to carry any spare clothes, your camera for pictures and your lakeshore picnic.

To book or for more information call:

07498 574659

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Group size: minimum 1 guest
Duration: 1.5 hour instructed session / dry hire
Minimum Age:
1.5 hour instructed session:

1 person – £80.00
2 people – £60.00 per person
3 people – £45.00 per person
4+ people – £35.00 per person
Dry hire single kayak:
dry hire – there must be at least 1 x 18 year old on the water to supervise
1 hour – £15.00 per boat
2 hours – £20.00 per boat
4 hours – £30.00 per boat
Dry hire double kayak:
1 hour – £20.00 per boat
2 hours – £25.00 per boat
4 hours – £35.00 per boat

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