4x4 / Off-Road Training

4x4 / Off-Road Training

Off-Road Driving (ORD) covering both 4x4s and UTVs

4×4 / Off-Road Training
Our objective is to equip drivers with the very latest skills and knowledge to operate a 4×4 or UTV in off highway conditions for work and private use.

We currently deliver our training from our accredited course on the shores of Windermere on Graythwaite Estate but with sufficient notice can obtain an IOPD certificate to deliver the training at your site if the terrain is appropriate for all elements of the syllabus.

The process
Following an initial enquiry our approach is to identify our client’s training needs and offer an appropriate choice of training units to meet their requirements. The training needs usually include the need for PUWER compliance but often identify key problems within a business such as repeat damage to vehicles or neglect of health and safety obligations that could be addressed with tailored training.

BORDA recognises 3 levels of Off-Road Driver Training:

Basic Level

  • Mild slopes, around 15 degree with run out areas and reasonable traction (units 1 – 7).
  • A standard for private and commercial drivers who use 4x4s regularly but only drive in mild off-highway conditions which may only give reasonable traction such as mud, grass, gravel, snow and ice.
  • The Basic Level (units 1 – 7) is a half day course at 2:1 ratio or full day at 3:1 ratio.
Standard Level
  • Moderate slopes, around 25 degrees with run out areas and reasonable traction (units 1 – 11).
  • A standard for private and commercial drivers who may use 4×4’s in off-highway areas of moderate difficulty. The Standard Level will include units 1 – 7 of the Basic Level.
  • The Standard Level (units 1 – 12) is a one-day course at a maximum ratio of 2:1.

Higher Level

  • Steep slopes above 25 degrees with run out areas, may be low traction (units 1 – 18).
  • A standard for operators working in unknown conditions and likely to encounter situations that require a high level of training and skill. This level confirms competence at the standard level then extends the driver’s skill to cope with situations up to the vehicle’s capabilities. It also trains drivers to assess and recognise situations beyond the vehicle’s limits which must be avoided. The Higher Level will include units 1 – 12 of the Basic and Standard Levels.
  • The Higher Level (units 1 – 20) is a two-day course at a maximum ratio of 3:1.

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